Wow! I Think I Made It

This has been my first college course since returning back to school after about six years and let me tell you, it has been a rough start for me.  Every time I thought my work was complete, it was time for more.  It has taken me hours to figure out some technology based assignments that other people do on their first try.  I have stayed up late nights trying to comprehend what the syllabus was asking me to do, only to find out I was completely wrong in the morning.  This course has been challenging to say the least, but looking back, it has taught me so much important information and technology.

This is one of those rare classes in which you will actually be using everything you learned in the near future.  I thought I was pretty technology knowledgable, until I was asked to do a screencast.  A what? Well it took me way too long to find out what it was, how to make one, and on top of that, how to post it to my own Youtube channel.  I am now very proud that I can do all of that and it was not as hard as I thought after all.

This class has opened me up to screencast, Youtube, ePortfolios, and Word Press.  None of which I knew anything about.  Besides Youtube, I had not even heard of the others and now I was expected to make my own.  I am immensely thankful for classes like these that open you up to a world you previously thought to be incapable of creating.  These are skills that I could implement in my future courses and eventually, when I have my own classroom, I would like for my own students to be opened up to it as well.

Here is link to my ePortfolio that showcases more of what I have learned throughout the last six weeks

And here is my very first PBQ screencast:


One thought on “Wow! I Think I Made It

  1. Stephanie,
    You’ve done a great job learning about technology! I cannot imagine leaving school for six years and coming back to a class that is completely new! I am glad you learned so much so quickly. If you were to do things in this class again, I’m sure it would be a lot easier for you. I wonder how or if you would incorporate technology into your own classroom. Do you think that this class benefitted you in a way that will allow you to be comfortable utilizing ed tech tools while teaching?


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