Crystal Ball

Technology in the classroom has become such a vital part of education, the only difficult part is keeping up with all the tech tools available to us as teachers.  Educational technology tools or ed tech tools help educators plan lessons, provide instant feedback on quizzes, and they can even help create interesting instructional videos.  Flipboard does none of that and is still such an interesting tool that teachers can use effectively in their classrooms.

Flipboard is an online magazine generating tool that has been around for about six years, but it is much newer in the school setting.  With the Flipboard app, educators can subscribe to organize a magazine suitable for their students.  This online magazine will include only the subjects the teacher decides on and the school’s social media feed may even be included.  The coolest thing about this new ed tech tool is that it can be accessible from anywhere.  Teachers can allow students to browse through the magazine in the classroom computers, students can look it up at home with their personal tablets, and parents can stay in the loop with a simple app on their phones.

This exciting tool will likely get more popular as teachers see the benefits it will bring.  In 10 years, I believe Flipboard in the classroom will still be around and more popular than ever because its so easy and convenient to use.  After teachers have curated magazines that pertain to the certain subject, students can flip the web pages, articles, and videos and create a magazine with their own interests.  Students have a section to comment on why it is relevant to instruction and teachers can provide feedback.  The only pitfall I see happening is students becoming so interested in the Flipboard content, they may spend too much time looking through all of the different boards.  Check out the Flipboard website to create your own magazine and start flipping!

Here is quick video showing how Flipboard is integrated in the classroom:


3 thoughts on “Crystal Ball

  1. This is great! I would use an interest inventory at the beginning of the year and then customize a magazine that my whole class could enjoy. Seems like a fun way to encourage reading and allow students to read about topics that they are interested in. If the worst foreseen problem is student interest then I’m sure the Website is working! I might just start a magazine for myself while I’m at it.


  2. Stephanie,
    This looks like a really great way to engage students! I can see this really being popular with middle school. Because it is a fun learning tool rather than reading out of a textbook, students will become more engaged and want to explore. I can see this benefitting teachers as well. I am curious to know if they have a comment section where students can discuss what they’ve learned. Maybe that’s a way this ed tech tool can be brought into the classroom even further. Reflection can offer clarification, new ideas, and also promote even further understanding and exploration of different topics.


  3. This is a really cool tool! I love the idea of designing a magazine, catered specifically to your class. There are so many ways to utilize this application and it would really grab the interest of the students. It would be cool too if students could add to the magazine, with teacher approval of content. By the end of the year, you would have a snap shot of the the years educational journey.


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