An ePortfolio showcases pieces of work, resumes, and assignments that have been completed throughout an educational experience.  All of this is found and organized in one place electronically making it easier for the publisher to share in a bigger format than before when using a typical paper based portfolio.  Paper portfolios were widely common in the past, but were limited to paper, pencil, and pictures.  ePortfolios can include video, audio, and graphics in order to also demonstrate the publisher’s technological abilities.  Educational institutions are replacing portfolios with ePortfolios for the reasons mentioned previously, but also because adding new work and media can be done with minimal exertion.

Personally, I would like to create an ePortfolio for my own educational and professional experience because I see the benefits it could bring to my career.  Educationally, I could expand my knowledge of creating electronic media and have the ability to share it for feedback.  This type of accountability will keep my work progressing so that I can continually learn and improve my talents.  Professionally, I can show the projects and pieces of work I have completed so that in the future it can be evaluated and maybe even impress educational institutions looking to hire.

This is an Auburn University website you can look through to see the works of students with their ePortfolios

The ePortfolio may also be an interesting application to the K-12 classroom.  Teachers can use it to share new types of projects that students enjoyed, while also including educational videos or other media they have created.  This could even become an engaging assignment that students can gradually add work throughout the school year.  It can be easily reviewed, graded and completed.  Also, students, parents, and teachers alike can see how much their work is improving.

Here is a short video with some great ePortfolio examples:


One thought on “ePortfolios

  1. Thank you for giving examples of the portfolio. Because of the problems I had, I still have to complete mine with the extension the teacher gave. Using that video will give me more of a clear idea of what needs to be done!
    I thought about using my ePortfolio in the classroom but I also like the idea of using it as a timeline to see progress made in the classroom. It’s a great idea and parents would probably enjoy watching that as well!


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