Screencasting is a fairly new learning tool taking teaching to a new level.  Once you understand the simple concept, it is very easy to use.  There are endless ways to use screencasting in the classroom and here are just a few of them:

  • Screencasting can be used to record lessons to be used for future review or for students who were absent and missed the lesson.  This will still be able to provide them with the exact instructional content taught to the rest of the students.
  • It can provide a way for teachers to slowly explain  a complicated lesson without having to repeat it over and over again.  Some lessons will need to be reiterated more than once and screen casting can save the teacher time and effort without losing the quality of the lesson plan.
  •  Students can also bring screen casting to their assignments and projects.  They can showcase their creativity by adding this tool to their powerpoint assignments, making them more fun and engaging.
  • Along with making their own, students can use their instructor’s screencasting videos to study at home at their own pace.
  •  Teachers can use this interactive tool to exchange ideas with one another and to create a master library of lessons approved by the school that anyone can come back to and elaborate from.

The ease of using screencasting was refreshing and has made me decide that I will be using it repeatedly in the future to enhance my lessons and make them more exciting.

Here is the link (and proof of ease) of my How To video using screencasting on Youtube:


One thought on “Screencasting

  1. Stephanie,
    I did not even consider the possibilities of a master library of lessons. That would be so helpful to show the class or use as a guideline to a lesson the teacher creates herself. That is an amazing way to use screencasting!
    I agree that screencasting is very useful and simple to use.
    I enjoyed viewing your how to video. I actually learned how to unscribe from the emails I hate receiving. It was very helpful and easy because I got to visually see it and go through the steps with you rather than just reading a set of directions.


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